Why Buyer Agents Should Attend Home Inspections

July 15, 2009 by Danilo Bogdanovic  
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From what I’ve seen and heard within the real estate community, some Buyer Agents attend their Buyer client’s home inspections while some do not. Personally, I believe that a Buyer’s Agent should attend every one of their Buyer client’s home inspections for a variety of reasons.

1) A home inspection almost always brings up questions and concerns that are best answered by the Buyer Agent, not necessarily the Home Inspector. For example, the Home Inspector finds out that there is a condensation leak in the HVAC unit and that the unit is near the end of its life expectancy. How does a Home Warranty affect that? And if an item is noted on a home inspection report, will the home warranty company consider it a “pre-existing condition” and not cover it in the future if it’s not fixed prior to settlement?

2) Being at the home inspection saves a lot of future emails, texts and calls back and forth between the Buyer’s Agent, Home Inspector and Listing Agent. Having everyone present at the home inspection allows the Buyer and Buyer’s Agent to get all their questions and concerns out on the table and answered right then and there. This is especially important if you’re coming up on the home inspection contingency deadline and need to submit your home inspection addendum and inspection report right away.

3) As the Buyer’s Agent, it is you who will conveying and negotiating the home inspection items with the Listing Agent. If you don’t have first hand knowledge of the issues, it will be difficult to properly explain the issues to the Listing Agent and negotiate them properly. Home inspection items can range from a few bucks to thousands of dollars so negotiating them properly is not a “small” deal.

4) As a Buyer’s Agent, your Buyer client is paying you thousands of dollars to represent and guide them throughout the entire real estate purchase transaction. Even though your Buyer’s Agency Agreement with your Buyer clients may not say, “I will attend the home inspection”, go the “extra mile” – your Buyer clients will love you that much more.



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  1. Doug Francis on Wed, 22nd Jul 2009 1:32 pm 

    I agree, it is important for buyer agents to attend home inspections and to make sure that their clients are engaged in the process too. This is an opportunity to learn more about a home in 2-3 hours than they would learn in a few years. And for first-timers, it can be a great training class.

    In 17 years, I have only had one home inspector tell a client not to follow him around… J.D. from Maryland. I was shocked, but my clients seemed to trust that he would look at everything. Needless to say, someone else had referred this guy to them.

  2. Molly Flory on Wed, 22nd Jul 2009 2:28 pm 

    Yes, I agree the buyer’s agent should be at the home inspection. As stated, the agent can answer many questions (pertaining to the contract and who is responsible for what) that the home inspector can not.

    As a home warranty rep for over 20 years in this area, it is important to note that things that come up on an inpection as not working – will not be covered by any home warranty company until or unless they are corrected.

    The home inspection tells you what is going on at the time of inspection. The home warranty protects the client from future repairs that were not noted on the home inspection.

    The home inspection and home warranty “go hand in hand” to protect all parties concerned.

    Molly Flory
    Senior Account Executive
    Old Republic Home Protection Co.

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