Four Ways To Save Time And Energy While Never Missing A Post

July 25, 2007 by Danilo Bogdanovic  
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If you enjoy reading Loudoun Stats and are extremely busy (who isn’t), here are four ways to save yourself time and energy while never missing an post:

  1. Subscribe to the Loudoun Stats RSS feed by clicking on this symbol – Feedicon32x32_3, which is at the top of the right hand column. An RSS feed makes it possible for you to keep up with Loudoun Stats and other favorite web sites in an automated manner that’s easier than checking them manually. For example, if you use Internet Explorer, you will see an orange star on the tool bar which has all of the web addresses/urls you have saved as "Favorites". Next to that, you will see a smaller orange star along with a green plus sign which contains all of the feeds you have subscribed to. Rather than going to the site(s) directly, you can view the latest posts/articles via your feeds.
  2. Subscribe to Loudoun Stats via email by entering your email address into the "Sent Directly To Your Email" box and then clicking "Subscribe Me". You will get the posts automatically emailed directly to you via FeedBlitz. This method has the highest ease of use, but it’s also the slowest method of delivery. There is a delay from when the post is published to when you receive the email (sometimes 48 to 72  hours).
  3. Add Loudoun Stats to your "iGoogle" or "My Yahoo" home page. This allows you to view all your favorite site’s/blog’s latest posts/articles in one place. The articles are shown in a headline news format. If a headline grabs your attention, just click on it from your "iGoogle" or "My Yahoo" home page and it will take you directly to that post on the site/blog. This method allows you to skim headlines quickly and decide whether something is interesting enough to you to warrant reading the entire post/article. Just click on the "Add to Google" button Add_3 or "My Yahoo" button Addtomyyahoo4 near the top of the right hand column.
  4. Add Loudoun Stats to your news reader. A news reader is a way to aggregate information from various sources into to one place. Though similar in theory to adding multiple feeds to your iGoogle or My Yahoo, this method is better if you have a lot of feeds (say 20 or more). You can more easily click on each individual subscription and not have to navigate around the page as much as on your "My Yahoo" or "iGoogle" home page. One exmaple of a reader is GoogleReader (free, but you have to be registered with Google). You can quickly and easily add a site/blog to it on the left hand side and skim over the posts on the right hand side. And for all the "always on the go" folks, you can even get GoogleReader on your cell phone.

Since you can have as many feeds as you’d like, also use these four time-saving methods on your other favorite sites/blogs. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to get an extra coffee break or sanity break into your day!

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