Because Now is Much Better Than Later

September 5, 2009 by Danilo Bogdanovic  
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An increasing number of blog readers, sellers and buyers have been contacting me for real estate help and advice. I’m glad to help whenever I can, but many contact me after the problem has already occurred. Contacting me after the fact is often times too late – the damage has already been done. Here are two examples…

My parents just relocated from Delaware and bought a house in [city removed for privacy reasons], VA. On their 2nd look at the house they noticed the stove was different than what was pictured on the online listing.

It was at that time their agent then told them the house was “as is”, however, come to discover after the purchase and moving in and comparing the online pictures to the actual home, all of the kitchen appliances were switched, ceiling fans were removed, the replaced dishwasher wasn’t properly attached and hooked up – it leaked and damaged the hardwood flooring, and the upper air unit had serious problems (due to the “fix” the selling agents inspector supposedly made).

They only had limited time to preview homes and were basing their decision largely by the online pics. Anyway, just seems the out of town “old folks” were taken advantage of.

Your wise thoughts are appreciated. Seriously, I value your input. Thx!


I have a question that I hope you can  answer.

We just purchased a home in Loudon county…we are actually from out of state & were not familliar with any inspectors. Our agent recommended an inspector that she uses all the time. Well, he missed some obvious things such as rotten plywood for the roof & a rotten water damaged  huge window that is totally shot.

Now these are basic things for the envelope of the  house…how could he have missed them?

To top it off I had asked our agent if he was licensed,insured & bonded she said that he wass. I have since found out that he doesn’t carry any liability insurance for  what he misses–he only carries workmens comp for himself. I also have not been able to find his license# & have asked my agent to get it for me  & she has not responded to my request.

What would your recommendation be at this point? Should we file a claim with the Real Estate firm for sending us to someone who quite possibly is unlicensed & definitely not insured properly? I do not feel properly represented by our agent.


Though I would love to help “T” and “A” as well as everyone else who has contacted me, I can’t always do so. In “T’s” parents’ situation,  the problem could have been avoided had I been involved in the process in the beginning. But now, they have to battle it out with the real estate broker, lawyers, etc. The same holds true for “A” and her situation.

In many other similar situations, many folks are already working with a real estate agent and/or they are too far into the process and can’t go back and fix the issues that are costing them money and grief now.

Avoid getting yourself into the same situation as these and other sellers and buyers have. And avoid paying the price that they now are (literally and figuratively).

If you’re considering selling your house or purchasing a home in today’s market, allow me to help you now – because now is much better than later.

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