Virginia Homeowner’s Alliance – Local Information Affecting Homeowners, Collective Voice to Lawmakers

February 22, 2009 by Danilo Bogdanovic  
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Virginia Homeowners Alliance

From a release the Virginia Association of REALTORS distributed last week:

For most people, their home is the most important and valuable investment they will make in their entire lifetime. And, buying and owning a home is about so much more than just designs, floor plans, and locations. The Virginia Homeowners Alliance (VHA) is a new organization residing on which provides
Virginians with a free online one-stop-shop for improving the value of their home and keeping up with local government decisions that affect their home, their community and their quality of life.

The Virginia Homeowners Alliance Web site makes it easy for homeowners to stay informed and get involved with what’s going on in the local community that affects the value of their home. Smart homeowners understand that their property value and quality of life are also determined by the quality of local schools and transportation, zoning for commercial and other residential development, local real estate tax rates and an endless array of other factors affecting the real estate market.

In addition, offers helpful resources like home maintenance tips, lawn care pointers, energy-saving ideas, local school report cards and SOL information, and much more.

As we are facing the most serious housing crunch and recession in years, being a knowledgeable homeowner is more important than ever.  This is why the Virginia Homeowners Alliance recently hosted a webcast featuring a panel of experts who discussed current housing conditions in Virginia and answered questions from homeowners across the Commonwealth. Visit today to view the program and find out more information about VHA.

The Virginia Homeowners Alliance is a free resource available to all Virginia homeowners. VHA an organization associated with the Virginia Association of REALTORS and the local associations of REALTORS around the state.

The Virginia Homeowners Alliance is a great resource for every homeowner in Virginia because it provides you with information on things that affect your property, your rights and your pocket book. It's also good because it brings together the collective voice of homeowners in Virginia when it comes to bringing housing issues to our local, state and federal lawmakers. 

If you haven't signed up yet, it takes less than a minute and it's free. Just tell them Danilo Bogdanovic sent you.